To become a sponsor for Taste of Alpharetta, please visit the Taste of Alpharetta website and click on the “Sponsorship Opportunities” tab to learn more about the different sponsorship levels and benefits. You can also contact the Taste of Alpharetta team directly to discuss your options at toa@jacobseye.com

There are several sponsorship levels available for Taste of Alpharetta. Each level comes with its own set of benefits and opportunities for brand exposure.

The deadline for becoming a sponsor of Taste of Alpharetta is April 23, 2023. Please visit the official Taste of Alpharetta website for the most up-to-date information on sponsorship deadlines.

Taste of Alpharetta typically draws a large crowd, with thousands of attendees each year. The exact number of attendees can vary depending on factors such as weather, day of the week, and competing events in the area. We’re expecting attendance of 30,000 – 50,000 on May 11, 2023.

Sponsors are not permitted to sell products or services at Taste of Alpharetta. However, sponsors are welcome to distribute samples, promotional materials, and engage with attendees to promote their brand.

Yes, there is a fee to become a sponsor of Taste of Alpharetta. The cost varies depending on the sponsorship level and the benefits included. Please visit the official Taste of Alpharetta website or contact the Taste of Alpharetta team directly for more information on sponsorship fees.


10X10 feet is the basic size for our lowest sponsorship tier. However, different tiers have different benefits, including larger tent sizes of 10×20 and 10×30.

Yes! We have 10×10 and 10×20 booth spaces.  Prices range from $295-$495 depending on the size of your sampling tent. For more details look at our application.

All payments must be made by April 15 to be registered and admitted to the event.

Sponsors should remit payment via check upon the signing and submission of the contract

The sooner you register, the better chances you have to get your preferred location

We are open to exploring brand partnerships and activations that include a demo or show truck as long as the truck is smaller than 15 feet  long.


We will send you an email with detailed load-in instructions on May 2, so watch your inbox. You’ll receive a second email reminder with the same load-in instructions the night before the event.

Restaurant load in takes place between 1-3 p.m. Refer to your email for load in instructions and load in map. Please note vehicle access to the event site will be allowed for unloading and loading only.

Consult the event map that we’ve provided you with for reference.

We may have to switch your location due to unforeseen circumstances. We try to reduce the last-minute accommodations and changes but we cannot guarantee it.

Unless it has been approved prior to the event and discussed with production, sponsors are not allowed to bring demo trucks to the Taste of Alpharetta event.

You will be able to pull your vehicle right up to your tent location beginning at 11 a.m. until 1 p.m, which is  when sponsor load in ends. Restaurant load in will begin right after that (and space on the festival grounds is extremely limited) so it’s crucial you complete load in within that assigned timeframe.

Load out takes place from 10-11 p.m. Refer to your email for load out instructions as well as a load out map. Please note vehicle access to the event site will be allowed for unloading and loading only and that you will not be able to keep your vehicles parked on the festival grounds during the event.


Yes, as long as you worked with the event production team and your tent meets size, quality and fire resistance standards. The Fire Department will be checking every tent, so be ready to show proof of meeting those standards.

All setup and tear-down must be completed within the assigned load-in and load-out times (see Load-in section).

Yes! We encourage you to bring signs and devise other creative ways to engage the public and stand out from the crowd.

We will have weights available to all sponsors that ordered tents. However, if you are bringing your own tent, you are responsible for bringing your own weights, one for each leg.

  • You must bring a 5-lb. ABC fire extinguisher for your booth (if you are heating or cooking food at TOA). Please have it when you set up, as CoA Fire Inspectors will be there to inspect.
  • Secure fuel/propane tanks 10 feet from public areas. 
  • No grills under tents and no liquid sternos – only gel.

You are welcome to play music in your booth to attract guests. However keep in mind that there will be music and performances across all event stages, so please make sure that any music you play doesn’t interfere or overpower the music playing on the stages nearby.

We will not have equipment for rental at the event. You’ll need to acquire any equipment you need prior to the event.

Yes, all vendors will have access to power so that they can keep their devices to redeem tickets charged at all times.

No.  This isn’t required unless you are handling food products.


Each sponsor will receive two (2) parking passes for free parking in a nearby parking lot to park vehicles after they unload equipment at your restaurant tent. Check your email to print your parking pass and instructions.

Please refer to the information on your parking passes for directions on where to park.

No overnight security or parking is available once the event ends. Any equipment or materials left will be the responsibility of the restaurant and may be open to being fined.