FAQS for restaurants


We have a revised revenue share model that rewards high-performing restaurants. Our Top 10 revenue-generating restaurants grossed an average of $5,460 in 2022. With the revised revenue-sharing model, the average payback to those restaurants would go from $2,730 to $3,560, a 30% increase! Email toa@jacobseye.com for more details.

We expect 40,000+ people to attend this five-hour event.

Not to worry! Taste of Alpharetta is a rain-or-shine event. No matter what happens, you’ll still be able to grab tasty bites and enjoy the awesome tunes we have in store for you.


Prices range from $295-$495 depending on the size of your sampling tent. For more details look at our application.

Yes! We have 10×10 and 10×20 booth spaces.  Prices range from $295-$495 depending on the size of your sampling tent. For more details look at our application.

All payments must be made by April 15 to be registered and admitted to the event.

If you own two restaurants, we encourage you to submit an individual application for each business. Each will require different legal documentation and supporting materials that will need to be specific to the restaurant listed in the application.

All restaurants will receive decisions by April 15, 2023. If your application is waitlisted or rejected, you will be notified along with the reasoning behind the decision.

Although we’d love to accommodate print applications, we are only able to accept applications placed via Eventeny. If you are having trouble with the application or need guidance, please email us at toa@jacobseye.com. We’ll connect you with a team member that can help.

Yes, you can go back to Eventeny and edit your application after it’s been submitted. Just go to Eventeny and log in your profile to find your application.

The sooner you register, the better chances you have to get your preferred location.

Our event is focused on highlighting Alpharetta’s culinary scene and nearby restaurants. If you are not in any of the preferred areas, you’re welcome to apply but know that you’ll be waitlisted to give priority to Alpharetta businesses. If we have available spots 2 weeks before the event, we may be able to accept your application. We’ll notify you of any changes in the status of your application at all times.

Unfortunately, the Taste of Alpharetta is exclusively for brick-and-mortar restaurants located in Alpharetta and John’s Creek, Milton, Roswell or Canton areas.


You will receive load in details at the restaurant meeting and in follow up emails within 2 weeks leading up to the event. You will also receive a reminder with the load in instructions the night before the event.

Restaurant load in takes place between 1-3 p.m. Refer to your email for load in instructions and load in map. Please note vehicle access to the event site will be allowed for unloading and loading only.

Look at the event map for reference.

We may have to switch your location due to unforeseen circumstances. We try to reduce the last-minute accommodations and changes but we cannot guarantee it.

No, the Taste of Alpharetta is exclusively for brick-and-mortar restaurants located in Alpharetta and nearby cities.

You will be able to pull your vehicle right up to your tent location beginning at 1 pm until 3 pm when loading ends. All vehicles must be off the streets by 3 pm.

Load out takes place 10-11 pm. Refer to your email for load out instructions and load out map. Please note vehicle access to the event site will be allowed for unloading and loading only.


Yes, as long as it is branded with your restaurant name/logos, and meets construction size, quality and fire resistance standards.

All setup and tear-down must be completed within the assigned load-in and load-out times (see Load in section).

Although the event staff will provide signs for each restaurant tent, we encourage you to bring signs and devise other creative ways to engage the public and stand out from the crowd.

We will have weights available to all restaurants that ordered tents. If you are bringing your own tent, you are responsible for bringing your own weights. [ADD SPECS ON WEIGHTS]

  • You must bring a 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher for your booth (if heating or cooking). Please have it when you set up, as CoA Fire Inspectors will be there to inspect.
  • Secure fuel/propane tanks 10 ft. from public areas. 
  • Sternos must be gel, if you are doing any type of heating. NO Liquid Sternos
  • No grills under tents

You are welcome to play music in your booth to attract guests. Keep in mind there will be music and performances across all event stages. Any music you play should not interfere or overpower the music playing on the stages nearby.

We will not have equipment for rental at the event. All equipment needed should be secured prior to the event.

Yes, all vendors will have access to power so that they can keep their devices to redeem tickets charged at all times.

Food Vendor Safety Standards Checklist is a downloadable document on the restaurant registration page. Please make sure you understand and comply with all mandates.

We encourage restaurants to bring their own handwashing station (requirements and a diagram are included on the Food Vendor Safety Standards Checklist.  JacobsEye can provide one for $30 dollars and it will include the minimum requirement of: (1) 2.5 Gallon Water Jug; (1) 5 Gallon Bucket; (1) Container of Liquid Hand Soap; (1) Roll of Paper Towels.  The handwashing station can be purchased on the restaurant registration page.

Yes. (1) 100 ft. extension cord for each outlet requested.

Yes, but place it to the side of your tent.

No planogram – you can set up your booth to maximize your efficiencies.


We have moved to an electronic ticketing system so no more counting paper tickets! You will need a minimum of two (2) mobile devices (phone/tablet) dedicated solely to processing/reading tickets from consumers mobile devices.

No, the only payment you can accept is TasteBucks using the electronic ticketing system with our app.


Please bring a minimum of 3,000 – 5,000 SAMPLE-SIZED servings. We do not want you to run out. For more guidance on sampling sizes, please check our Restaurant Best Practices Guide.

We have teamed up with Goodr as our food rescue partner. Please donate leftover food to help combat hunger and prevent waste. Visit [PAGE TO WASTE MGMT] to learn more.


You can bring your own “mini-fridge” but no refrigeration will be provided by the event.


Yes! If you haven’t submitted one, please do so via email to toa@jacobseye.com

Lost and found – located at the Info Booth.

No grilling or cooking of any type is allowed under the tents per Alpharetta Fire Code. Please refer to safety slides for details.

 Unfortunately, we aren’t providing these this year except for a handful of restaurants that had already booked one.

The restaurant application provides the option to purchase a handwashing station. If you purchased one when you applied to join the event, you’ll have your handwashing station set up at your booth when you arrive. We will only be able to accommodate for those who purchased handwashing stations in advance.


1) Place posters on your restaurant windows/bulletin boards.

2) Place handbills by the register and/or tables, and encourage staff to hand them out.

3) Share our event on Facebook and Eventbrite.

4) Share link to ticket page with your audience.

5) Post on Instagram or Facebook stories and tag us @tasteofalpharetta and #tasteofalpharetta.

6) Share our festival posts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Guests will be given a brochure map when  they purchase a ticket. The map has a layout of the event with your booth location, which we encourage you to mention on social media as well. We also have the map available on the Taste of Alpharetta app.


Bring your parking pass provided to you via email.

There is designated parking for vendors. Use your parking pass to access your assigned parking spot.  Each restaurant will receive two (2) parking passes for free parking in a nearby parking lot to park vehicles after they unload equipment at their restaurant tents. Check your email to print your parking pass and instructions. For full event parking details, visit tasteofalpharettaga.com/parking.

Vendor Lot. Check your parking pass for details.

 You may park at City Hall parking deck and walk to your booth location. See parking pass for more details.

Your family can park in any of the public parking spaces.

All restaurant equipment and materials should be packed up by 11 p.m. on May 11, 2023. No overnight security or parking is available once the event ends. Any equipment or materials left will be the responsibility of the restaurant and may be open to being fined.

Please refer to your parking pass for directions on where to park.


Nothing. TOA’s parking and festival shuttle service are both free. (And so is admission to Taste of Alpharetta.)

If you’d like to park and walk, feel free to use any of the following complimentary options:

  • City Hall Parking Deck (2 Park Plaza)
  • Milton Ave Parking Deck (92 Milton Ave)
  • Alpharetta Community Center (175 Roswell St.)
  • Wills Park Pool & Playground (1815 Old Milton Parkway)

If you’d like to park and ride our free festival shuttle, our shuttles will run every 10-15 min from 5-10 p.m. Complimentary parking for the shuttle is at 100 Kimball Bridge (upper parking deck only). Pick up/drop off for the shuttle is on Thompson St. (short walk to City Hall). Please make a note of these as bus routes may be different from last year’s event.

Please note that overnight parking isn’t allowed at any of these locations, and none of them offer public restroom access.  In addition, we ask that you please NOT park in neighboring businesses’ private parking lots (such as those operated by Crème de la Crème and Ruth’s Chris Steak House). These private parking lots are not part of TOA’s free parking.

The Taste of Alpharetta provides accessible parking options for guests with disabilities at our downtown parking deck located at 92 Milton Ave, Alpharetta. These lots have spaces designated for vehicles displaying a handicap placard or license plate.

Like TOA parking, our shuttle service is free. If you’d like to park and ride our free festival shuttle, our shuttles will run every 10-15 min from the complimentary parking lot at 100 Kimball Bridge (upper parking deck only). Pick up and drop off are on Thomson St. (short walk to City Hall).

Please make a note of these as bus routes may be different from last year’s event.

All Uber and Lyft transits should be routed to 2 Park Plaza (Alpharetta City Hall) entering from Park Plaza. There will be signs directing drivers to the specific drop-off/pick-up at the roundabout.