FAQS for Restaurants

General Event Information

You need a brick and mortar restaurant in Alpharetta or a nearby city.

We expect 40,000+ people to attend this five-hour event.

We expect to host 60-75 restaurants this year.

Prices range from $295-$495 depending on the size of your sampling tent. For more details look at our application.

We have a revised revenue share model that rewards high-performing restaurants. Our Top 10 revenue producing restaurants grossed an average of $5,460 in 2022. With the revised revenue sharing model, the average payment back to those restaurants would go from $2,730 to $3,560, a 30% increase! Email toa@jacobseye.com for more details.

The sooner you register, the better chances you have to get your preferred location.

Yes, as long as it is branded with your restaurant name/logos, and meets construction size, quality and fire resistance standards.

The Tasty Speed Pass is a premier ticketing option for consumers that allows them to bypass the general line when purchasing a sample. How do I participate in the Tasty Speed Pass program? The program is only available to restaurants that participated in the 2022 Taste of Alpharetta and had over $3,000 in gross revenue. It also requires registration with a 10×20 or 10×30 tent booth space.

The Taste of Alpharetta is a rain or shine event.

Food Sampling

Please bring a minimum of 3,000 -5,000 sample size servings. We do not want you to run out. For more guidance on sampling sizes, please check our Restaurant Best Practices Guide.

We have teamed up with Goodr as our food rescue partner. Please donate leftover food to help combat hunger and prevent waste. Visit https://goodr.co/ to learn more.


We have moved to an electronic ticketing system so no more counting.  You will need a minimum of two (2) mobile devices (phone/tablet) dedicated solely to processing/reading tickets from consumers mobile devices.

No, the only payment you can accept is Taste Bucks through the electronic ticketing system.

Event Logistics

Yes, please indicate your electrical needs on your application.

You can bring your own “mini-fridge” but no refrigeration will be provided by the event.

Each restaurant will receive two (2) parking passes in a nearby parking lot to park vehicles after they unload equipment at your restaurant tent.

You will be able to pull your vehicle right up to your tent location beginning at 1pm and all vehicles must be off of the streets by 3:30pm.

No, the Taste of Alpharetta is exclusively for brick and mortar restaurants located in Alpharetta and nearby cities.

Food Vendor Safety Standards Checklist is a downloadable document on the restaurant registration page.  Please make sure you understand and comply with all mandates.

We encourage restaurants to bring their own handwashing station (requirements and a diagram are included on the Food Vendor Safety Standards Checklist.  JacobsEye can provide one for $30 dollars and it will include the minimum requirement of: (1) 2.5 Gallon Water Jug; (1) 5 Gallon Bucket; (1) Container of Liquid Hand Soap; (1) Roll of Paper Towels.  The handwashing station can be purchased on the restaurant registration page.